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Vietnam War Stories (7 parts)
By Mike Smith. Updated 06-2012

"Imperialist America"
Posted Aug. 2009; By; Mike Smith

"The Federal Reserve...what you didn't know"
Posted Sept. 16 2009; By; Mike Smith

"The Israeli Connection"
 Posted Sept. 16 2009; By; Raymond Slowoski

Wall Street Scams - Financial Swindles - Bailouts - Collapse of The Economy - Wars - Trillions in Debt
Posted Sept. 09; By; Mike Smith

"The Money Lenders & The Fall of the USA"
Posted July 09; By; Mike Smith

Posted Oct. 08; By; Mike Smith

Read; JFK, The CIA & Texas
Posted Oct. 08; By; Mike Smith

Dick Cheney, Halliburton and War Mongering
Posted Aug. 09; By; Mike Smith

Surreal Sexual Relations
Posted April 09; By; Shirley Moro

Aids, Engineered Killer
Posted Feb. 09; By; Mike Smith

Read The July 2009 Article; Caged Hunting!  (trophy hunters & caged lions in Africa)
Posted Aug. 09; By; Mike Smith

* Warning the below article, photos & graphic videos are not for children or the feint hearted*

Read 'The Aug. 2009 Article; World of Religions, Bizarre Rituals, Cannibalism & More!
Article Written June 09; by; Mike Smith

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USA's Crippling Global Debt based on under inflated data. The true debt is not shown in the below chart

   Trend national debt vs national income         The actual US debt exceeds $62 TRILLION & rising daily

The USA economy is 2-3 times more debt-dependent - - with $36 Trillion DEBT EXCESS compared to prior debt ratios!

Here's one graphic of many shown in the main Total Debt Report, linked below.

This is A SCARY CHART - showing trends of total debt in America (the red line, reaching $57 trillion in 2008 vs. growth of the economy as measured by national income (blue line). (adjusted for inflation). That debt increased $3 Trillion in the past year.

Which line goes up faster, the red debt line or the blue net national income line? Answer: the debt line.

And, that debt line is going up faster and faster than national income! Right?

(Perhaps, like this chart, your own personal or business debt is also going up faster than your own income?)

As mentioned, debt is defined as all U.S. debt (sum debt of federal and state & local governments, international, and private debt, incl. households, business and financial sector debts, and federal debt to trust funds).

This chart shows, for the period 1957 to mid 1970s, total debt (red line on chart) was increasing close to the growth rate of national income (blue line on chart), despite war debt for WW II, Korea and Vietnam.

Who is selling out America? Ask Timothy F. Geithner Secretary of the Treasury, and especially Paul Wolfowitz along with his cooperative big business cohorts on Wall Street, such as Citi Group, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Bros and companies like AIG, and so forth. Then do a little research other past Treasury Secretaries, like Henry M. Paulson, Jr. and Ben Bernanke, and don't forget Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. These men are but just the tip of a huge iceberg. Then check into their common ties & heritages along with the vast majority of our country's mega companies and even our FDIC & Treasury Departments! From banking, major news medias to Wall Street to Hollywood these groups are bleeding our country and leaving the middle class to pay the debt. Click on the following link to discover more about The British Insurance Group Willis Holdings. They are now the majority lease holder and are now changing the name of our country's icon, The Sears Tower; Click on the following link to learn more about this company and the CEO, Joseph J. Plumeri's close ties to several failed US Financial Groups; Willis-Holdings!  Isn't it also quite coincidental that Michael Chertoff is the new Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

It is definitely time to "Wake Up America"

Click here to learn more! The US Federal Reserve | The Money Lenders! | The Israeli Connection

Who Controls America? Draw your own conclusions. Learn how Bank of America was forced to buy Merrill Lynch with taxpayers money. Click Here! to learn why Larry Silverstein's, owner of building 7, World Trade Towers were blown up? It's also interesting that the Towers, as well as Building 7 that collapsed without damage, were on land controlled by the New York Port Authority, which is owned by the Rockefellers! Is it also a coincidence that GW Bush's brother was head of the Towers security on 9-11. I think not!

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